A jolly holiday at the Cove

Artemis with a hind, better known as "Diana of Versailles". Marble, Roman artwork, Imperial Era (1st-2nd centuries CE). Found in Italy.

Artemis with a hind, better known as “Diana of Versailles”. Marble, Roman artwork, Imperial Era (1st-2nd centuries CE). Found in Italy.

It’s that time of year again: the holidays! And what says, “Thankful,” better than a quick post to tell you about another famous feast: The Kharisteria Festival! Usually held on the sixth of Boidromion (third month), this day celebrates a victory in the battle of Marathon in 490 BC. It’s also known as the Athenian Thanksgiving.

Generally, this feast includes competitions of Archery followed by a meal with lots of meat(!). It was also used as an opportunity to pay off a debt to the Theoi (the Olympian Gods) by slaughtering goats equal to the number of Persians killed in the battle. In an amusing twist of events, there weren’t enough goats to pay off the gods originally, so this feast was held annually, and 500 goats were slaughtered each time — a sort of ancient payment plan.

So put on your best red and yellow, decorate your altar with cloth (of those two colors), a bow and arrows, three torches, wreaths of twigs, cookies shaped like goats or deer, a flaming brazier, and a chalice of Greek wine. And enjoy the holidays with us! Eviva!

Happy New Year from Artemis Cove

A very Happy New Year to our readers from the Cove! 2013 promises to bring new challenges, victories, and most importantly… a whole new year at Artemis Cove. Here’s a picture snapped by one our fabulous residents to remind you how beautiful it is out here. She has deeded access.




More news from the cove

After a fabulous visit to the Cove yesterday, I’m still having visions of mullet jumping in my head. In other news, Artemis Cove is now on Facebook! See the box on the right side of our blog to “Like” us on Facebook. I leave you with some more fabulous Artemis Cove photos.

Cleaning party at Artemis Cove

Welcome! As part of the transition that brings Artemis Cove online, this site has been turned into a blog! A blog! Last week was a very important step for the cove… the first cleaning day! Now, you may think that means there weren’t any fun and games, but take a look at this video, and you might think again:

More pictures coming soon, including more firsts such as first dog, first kayak, and first dance party!

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